Up to date

Late 2013 Egypt photos, as well as some older ones, are added to the galleries Goatfishes, Angelfishes, Damselfishes, Bigeyes, Parrotfishes, Groupers and Fairy basslets, Pipefishes and Seahorses, Filefishes and Puffers, Soft Corals and Hard corals.

New year, and partly new look

The menu for photos from specific travels is renewed – the design is now very much the same as all the other menus, although more whitish. The following galleries are completed with late 2013 Egypt photos, and some older stuff: Crabs and Lobsters and Shrimps, Rays and Sharks, Eels, Lizardfishes, Squirrelfishes and Soldierfishes, Surgeonfishes, Cardinalfishes, […]