End of exhibition

The small exhibition at Motionsform was prolonged for a few weeks, but is now closed. Watch pictures from the exhibition online at http://bodavidsson.com/galleries/events/motionsform-2014.   Some of the pictures are still to be seen “live” at Oxygene Örebro, Hertig Karls Allé 10, in Örebro, Sweden. Open Mon -Fri 12:00 – 18:00.    

Visayan chordates

New pictures from the Philippines are added to the galleries ”Sea Squirts”, “Divers”, and “Reptiles”. And to the galleries with perch-like fishes, namely “Butterflyfishes”, “Cardinalfishes”,  “Combtooth blennies”, “Damselfishes and Clownfishes”, “Gobies”, “Groupers and Fairy basslets”, “Sandperches”, “Snappers”, “Spadefishes”, “Threadfin blennies” and “Wrasses”. And to the other galleries with fishes, namely “Anglerfishes”, “Eels”, Filefishes and Puffers”, […]