• Fishes and all the other Chordates

    Visayan additions in the galleries “Eels”, “Anglerfishes”,  “Mail-cheeked fishes”, “Pipefishes and Seahorses”,  and “ Filefishes and Puffers”. Lizardfishes, Silversides, Cods, Flatfishes and  Catfishes are gathered in a new gallery called “Other fishes”. The earlier gallery “Lizardfishes” is omitted. Philippine additions also in the Perch-like sub-galleries “Combtooth blennies”, “Dragonets”, “Hawkfishes”, “Gobies”, “Wrasses”, “Sandperches”, “Damselfishes” and “Groupers […]

  • Divers and other Chordates

    New photos of Philippine Sea squirts and Divers.

  • Newer shellfish

    A few Philippine additions to Crabs and Lobsters and Shrimps. And Bristle Worms.