More from Dauin

New pictures are added to the galleries “Snails and Slugs” and the different galleries with Fishes. There is also a new travel gallery…

Nudi names

The names and notation of nudis are brought up to date with the recent revision of “Nudibranch and Sea Slug Identification”. The new Home Page contains direct links and shortcuts. And all pages has got an invitation to enlarge the small pictures…

Romblon and Anilao

Some more pictures from Anilao and Romblon are added to the galleries “Flatworms”, and “Rays and Sharks”. More pictures from the trip are under

Fishes and nudibranches updated

Some new pictures from Anilao and Romblon are added to the gallery Nudibranch, and to the different galleries under Fishes. A big Thank You to Klas Malmberg and Per Lagerberg for the correct names of the slugs.

“Swedish Nudibranch Safari 2018”

Some 100 different species of nudibranches and other gastropods, collected in 13 days in Romblon and Anilao (the Philippines) at

Up again

The site is up and running again. The look is a bit different, but the functionality should be there. The site went down at January 16th. Unable to find the error, I had to rebuild the site from scratch.

The last Visayan Fishes

New photos on following pages under “Fishes”: “Eels”, “Anglerfishes”, “Mail-cheeked fishes”, “Pipefishes and Seahorses”, “Puffers and Filefishes” and “Other fishes”; on the following pages under “Perchlike fishes”: “Surgeonfishes”, “Cardinalfishes”, “Dragonets”, “Gobies”, “Hawkfishes”, “Wrasses”, “Threadfin Breams”, “Damselfishes” and “Parrotfishes”; on the page “Divers”; and ona a new travel gallery: One new gallery, “Other perchlike fishes”, […]

Molluscs from Negros

New pictures from Negros are added to the galleries with “Cuttlefish and Octopuses and Squid” and “Snails and Slugs”