Visayan sharks

A few additions to the album “Rays and Sharks” – an appetizer for more pictures from the Philippines to come.

108 Maldivean photos

A hundred or so new photos are added to the Maldives 2015 page – under Travel. Some of the new photos are added also to pages Divers, Man-made, Crabs and Lobsters and Shrimps, Rays and Sharks, Sea stars, Cuttlefish and Octopuses and Squid and the different pages under Fishes.

More directly

The entrance page now directs directly to the ”Marine Life”-page. After all, this is the main page and the heart of this site.   There is a new Maldivian manta on the front page. More pictures from the Maldives are coming….

Fotomoto returns – again

Some small technical changes: It is possible to buy prints again. Order pictures directly from Fotomoto – just click the shop icon. The pictures are sorted into three categories: Animals are ordered taxonomically in “Marine Life”; Pictures of wrecks and general diving are placed in “Diving”; Travel pictures are sorted travel wise in “Travel”. All […]

Red Sea photos uppdated

February 2015 pictures from the Red Sea are added to the following galleries: Hard corals Flatworms Sea stars Snails and slugs Man-made and the following galleries under Fishes Eels Lizardfishes Mail-cheeked fishes Pipefishes and Seahorses Perchlike fishes Puffers and Dilefishes

Fourteen nerds

New pictures from a February photo safari in the northern Red Sea at We were fourteen photo and video enthusiasts on one single boat. Also take a look at the photos of Peter, Ole and René.  

The last Komodoian fishes

Pictures from Komodo are added to galleries under Photographs/Fishes. Modified galleries: Eels Lizardfishes Mail-cheeked fishes Pipefishes and Seahorses Squirrelfishes and Soldierfishes Several  galleries under “Perchlike fishes”

Dragons and more

Travel pictures from Komodo and Bali in October at