• Molluscs from Negros

    New pictures from Negros are added to the galleries with “Cuttlefish and Octopuses and Squid” and “Snails and Slugs”

  • Newcomers from Visayas

    Some brand new photos from Negros are added to the albums “Flatworms”, “Sea stars”, “Crabs and lobsters and shrimps”, Soft corals” and “Hard corals”. And there are pictures of fishes and molluscs in the coming…

  • Names redone

    Animal names are now given in a consistent order: Latin name [English name, Swedish name]. The Latin name is written as a full scientific name, complete with author and year of description. The presentation isn’t perfect, though: The standard ICZN specifies a very specific use of italics, different parenthesises and commas – but so does […]

  • Corals from Alor

    New pictures in the pages under Patterns (the pages Hard corals, Soft Corals, and Sea anemones; and a new page Tube-dwelliong anemones). And a new page with south-eastern Indonesian pictures under Travel.

  • Fishes from Alor

    New Indonesian additions to the pages with Eeels, Mail-cheeked fishes, Pipefishes and Seahorses, Puffers amd Filefishes, and some of the pages under Perchlike fishes (Cardinalfishes, Combtooth blennies, Damselfishes and Clownfishes, Dragonets, Gobies, Groupers and Fairy basslets, Grunts, Hawkfishes, Jawfishes, Sandperchers, Threadfin blennies and Wrasses).

  • News from Alor

    Additions from the archipelago of Alor are made in the albums with Bristle worms, Crabs an Lobsters and Shrimps, Cuttlefish and Octopuses and Squids, Rays and Sharks, Sea lilies, and Snails and Slugs. More pictures of fishes and corals are to come…

  • New on the surface – and below

    The look of the site is only slightly revised, but the mechanics behind is completely reengineered.

  • Try to remember the kind of September

    Some terrestrial stuff in http://bodavidsson.com/galleries/terrester-life/ New underwater pictures will come in November.

  • Last of Visayas

    The galleries “Sea anemones”, “Soft Corals” and “Hard Corals” under “Patterns”; the gallery “Sea Stars”; “Cuttlefish and Octopuses and Squid”; “Snails and Slugs”; and “Flatworms” are updated with phtos from Visayas.   All the new Visayan pictures, and some more, also have their own album at: http://bodavidsson.com/galleries/travel/visayas-2016/

  • Fishes and all the other Chordates

    Visayan additions in the galleries “Eels”, “Anglerfishes”,  “Mail-cheeked fishes”, “Pipefishes and Seahorses”,  and “ Filefishes and Puffers”. Lizardfishes, Silversides, Cods, Flatfishes and  Catfishes are gathered in a new gallery called “Other fishes”. The earlier gallery “Lizardfishes” is omitted. Philippine additions also in the Perch-like sub-galleries “Combtooth blennies”, “Dragonets”, “Hawkfishes”, “Gobies”, “Wrasses”, “Sandperches”, “Damselfishes” and “Groupers […]