Taxonomic consistency

And all of a sudden the front page has got a new structure: All entries to galleries with marine animals points to a gallery with one single class of animals. For two classes (Actinopterygii and Anthozoa) the appointed gallery is a menu of sub-galleries of orders of animals; for one class (Actinopterygii) there are also sub-sub-galleries for […]

Fish, corals and stars divided

The sub-gallery of Perciformes is divided into a lot of sub-sub-galleries – one for each family. This is to make room for a lot more pictures and species. And hopefully also a better overview. Aulopiformes and Beryciformes have got their own (sub) galleries. The gallery of Echinodermata is divided into two: Sea lilies and Sea […]

Fotomoto is back

Now it is possible to order paper prints again – just click at the shopping cart to place an order. The pictures will be delivered by Fotomoto.